Created By Physicians

Meet the immunity supplement
backed by years of research


Our Product

Created by physicians and backed by years of evidence-based research, quite simply, ImmunePax is the world’s best immunity boosting supplement.

Each ImmunePax contains seven scientifically selected and weighted ingredients designed to work together to help optimize and maintain your entire immune system. It's time to get healthy and stay healthy.

Our Difference

A Unique Formula

Our custom probiotic bacteria strains and medicinal mushrooms species formulations are specifically selected based on their inherent immune-boosting qualities. The combination these and other active ingredients in each packet deliver a powerful snyergistic effect that you wouldn't get by taking each supplement individually.


ImmunePax wasn’t created by a big box retailer and there is no corporate marketing department. We created ImmunePax because we are practicing physicians with decades of experience treating illnesses and one day we finally had enough. We want to prevent diseases before they strike our patients and that is why we designed ImmunePax.

Year Round Protection

Each of our carefully selected supplements posseses unique health-enhancing properties that work in conjunction to keep your immune system at its highest-level all year round. The dose of each active ingredient in the package is both safe for daily consumption and strong enough to produce the desired ehnanced immunse response.

Our Research

Backed by decades of research, trial, and science, ImmunePax was designed to do one thing and one thing well: keep you healthy. But don’t just take our word for it.

Our Commitment

We are proud to make ImmunePax here in the United States. We manufacture according to GMP practices and use an NSF-Certified facility.

With each ImmunePax sold, Profwell will help fight cancer by donating to the American Cancer Society®.