Our Team

Meet the medical professionals behind ImmunePax.

Igor Boyarsky, Founder

Igor Boyarsky, DO, FACEP, FAAEM completed his undergraduate B.S. degree in biology at UCLA and went on to receive his medical degree from the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific in Pomona, California. He has been practicing Emergency Medicine since 1995 and is Board Certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. He is a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians and a Fellow of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine. He also has Diplomate Certification from the American Board of Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine and is Board Certified in Integrative Medicine.

Throughout his career, Dr. Boyarsky has been actively involved in medical research and is an author of multiple publications and medical text books chapters. In the past ten years he has dedicated himself to practicing integrative and anti-aging medicine. This complex practice combines evidence-based and alternative medicines, and focuses on preservation of health and overall wellness rather than disease treatment. The foundation of such a practice is a realization that our entire body systems are integrated and work together, and are affected by an individual’s lifestyle, the food they eat, the environmental toxins they encounter and the stress they face.

Dr. Boyarsky’s clinical goal is to maintain and optimize the health of the person so he/she would enjoy the disease-free state and longevity to reach their maximum individual genetic potential. As an expert in integrative medicine, he researches the very best dietary supplements and product combinations to improve the function of our body, specifically focusing on the optimization of the immune system.

Yury Furman, CEO

Yury Furman, MD is a neurologist with sub-specialty boards in sleep medicine. He completed his undergraduate studies in psychobiology at UCLA, and received his medical degree from University of California, in Irvine. Dr. Furman finished neurology training at Kaiser Permanente hospital in Los Angeles and UCLA as well as fellowship training in sleep medicine at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Dr. Furman served as assistant clinical professor in the Department of Medicine at Cedars Sinai and UCLA hospitals. As a medical researcher, he participated in more than seventy clinical studies on various medications and devices serving as a principal investigator. He has delivered over 500 medical lectures and grand rounds presentations.

As a serial entrepreneur, Dr. Furman helped build five successful medical companies and is continuing to serve as a board member in several more medical related startups.

"As part of the Profwell team, I am very excited to have ImmunePax be our first and premier product. Since U.S. healthcare is going through a very challenging period, it is very important to maintain optimal health that focuses on the augmentation of our immunity that functions as the core system of keeping us healthy and disease-free. People need to start to invest in their health."

Dr. Yury Furman